(Swiss) German Lessons

Though the rings around Little L's toddler wrists are much less defined than those of infants, I can't resist the need to have a nibble.

I hint at our game by stating, “Ich habe Hunger.”

On good days, Little L humors me and I pretend to gnaw at his hands and feet. He thinks it’s wildly hilarious and even takes a bite of my arm. After a while, he tires of the game and begs me to stop. I plead that I’m still hungry.

“Amanda wasser trinke(n),” he proposes. Ok, I’ll go have myself a drink of water.

I’m impressed by Little L’s clever response. Actually, he’s never at a loss for words when it comes to avoiding the unpleasant. At mealtime recently, Little L carelessly took a ketchup-covered hand to his hair, which prompted us to use the mess as an excuse to suggest he have a shower after dinner.

“Näi dusche,” he implored. Instead, he pointed to a damp washcloth and instructed us to simply wipe the ketchup clean from his hair.

While I’m learning simple German phrases, he’s learning to be evasive.


  1. What a great way to learn German! I should be that lucky. Instead I have to listen to adults who have no patience and talk to me in English instead.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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